Connected Energy installs energy storage at two UK Volvo dealerships

The energy storage company Connected Energy has installed its second-life battery energy storage systems at two Volvo Truck & Bus dealer sites in the UK.

Image: Connected Energy

The British company Connected Energy, which builds stationary energy storage systems based on used electric vehicle batteries, has installed its energy storage systems at two British Volvo Trucks dealerships in the northern English city of Carlisle and in the London borough of Enfield. Both sites are utilising Connected Energy’s 300kW E-STOR system to power their DC and AC electric vehicle charging stations.

There are differences between the two systems, however, despite both providing sufficient power to ensure both facilities can run high-capacity charging points: In Enfield, 350kW and five 22kW electric car chargers are installed, while at Carlisle, the installed E-STOR unit will support a 150kW truck charge point and two 22kW electric car chargers.

“As a market leader in electric trucks, it is important that we can provide high-powered charging at our at key locations within our dealer network to support our customers whilst maintaining their electric trucks and buses. However, we are faced with grid capacity constraints at almost all our sites which is impacting our infrastructure plans,” said Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland. “By installing Connected Energy’s battery energy storage systems, we can bring additional power onto the sites which helps us to move forward with the installation of high-powered charge points.”

Connected Energy has some serious backing as well, as Volvo invested in the company in the summer of 2022. The exact amount of the investment was unclear, however, Connected Energy closed the investment round with a total of £15 million from five new investors. As a result, Volvo can now reutilise the batteries from its trucks and buses, similarly to a deal with Forsee. Connected Energy is also involved in the rollout of charging infrastructure, including with Swarco, as well as a V2G demonstrator project with the city of Nottingham., (storage specs)


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