Renault Trucks to open service hub in Lyon

Renault Trucks will open a service outlet in the French city of Lyon. It will be called 'Renault Truck City' and will be located in the heart of the Urban Logistics Hotel (ULH), which will open its doors this week.

Image: Renault Trucks

According to Renault Trucks, the new service centre “has all the features of a traditional Renault Trucks garage, with the big difference being that it will be located in the heart of the city.” The E-Tech-certified workshop will provide maintenance and repair services for customers operating “medium-duty electric trucks and light commercial vehicles in Lyon’s city centre.”

The workshop will be staffed by two technicians and also offer maintenance and repair services for Kleuster cargo bikes, which Renault Trucks assembles at its factory in Vénissieux.

The Lyon Urban Logistics Hotel (ULH) will act as a central logistics hub for unloading and sorting goods before they are distributed in the city by low-emission vehicles. It spans 29.000 square metres and is located at the inland cargo port of Edouard-Herriot, just a few dozen metres away from the river.

Renault emphasises that the “Renault Trucks City” is a pilot project. However, it is also looking into launching similar projects in Marseille and Paris. Renault Trucks distributor Bluekens recently opened an area dedicated to cargo bikes and last-mile services for hauliers in the Netherlands.


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