8,709 new electric cars in Norway

The Norwegian Road Information Authority OFV registered over 8,700 new electric cars in March 2024. Overall, March was a relatively slow month - except for one model.

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The 8,709 new electric registrations in Norway are 2,062 units more than in February but 8,102 fewer than in March 2023. Despite the significant decline compared to the same month last year, the electric share of all new car registrations was higher, at 89.3 per cent compared to 86.8 per cent in March 2023.

A total of 19,366 cars were newly registered across all drive types in March of last year. This year, however, the OFV report shows only 9,750 new registrations. That corresponds to a decline of 49.7 per cent, making it the weakest March in 15 years. Incidentally, with the high proportion of electric vehicles mentioned, these 9,750 new cars had average CO2 emissions of 12.1 grams per kilometre.

In addition to the 8,709 zero-emission cars (the OFV does not officially differentiate between BEV and FCEV, but fuel cell cars do not play a significant role in Norway), there were 210 plug-in hybrids (market share: 2.2 per cent), meaning that 91.5 per cent of new registrations had a charging connection. PHEVs recorded a decline of 74.9 per cent compared to March 2023, meaning they lost even more ground than the market as a whole.

The market share for combustion engines remains at a familiar low level. Just 76 pure petrol cars were newly registered in March, corresponding to a 0.8 per cent market share. With 198 units, pure diesel vehicles increased their market share to 2.0 per cent – compared to 1.7 per cent in March 2023. There are also 557 hybrids that cannot be charged externally.

The Tesla Model Y (1,993 new registrations) once again secured first place in Norway’s model ranking by a wide margin. 22.9 per cent of all new electric cars, or 20.5 per cent of all new registrations in March, were Model Ys. In other words, this model accounted for one in five new cars in Norway last month.

With a respectable result of 800 new registrations, the Toyota bZ4X came in second place, followed by the VW ID.4 (488) and Volvo EX30 (384) – i.e. exclusively EVs in the mid-size and compact class. In the closely following trio of VW ID.3 (286), Audi Q4 e-tron (281) and Hyundai Kona (259), two out of three models are also EVs or crossovers. The MG4, the Tesla Model 3 Highland and the Nissan Leaf also exceeded 200 new registrations in March.

ofv.no, ofv.no (models, both in Norwegian)

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about „8,709 new electric cars in Norway“
04.04.2024 um 12:49
It is clear that the norwegian automotive market shrinks drastically all the time. Taxing away ICE cars have led to a depleted market when not even the norwegians can afford EVs.Market is half the size it used to be.

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