2nd life battery project Battery2Life takes off in Europe

The EU project Battery2Life has set itself the goal of facilitating the transition of electric car batteries into their second life phase as stationary energy storage devices.

Image: AIT

According to the initiators, the implementation of advanced battery management systems and optimised system designs should enable a more reliable reconfiguration of used batteries. This also has the potential to drive innovation in the European battery industry. They estimate that an increasing number of vehicles reach the end of their service life with around 70-80% battery capacity, that “can be put to good use for other storage applications that are not specifically related to electric vehicles.”

The consortium plans to introduce two new battery system design frameworks to meet upcoming market needs: “The first framework focuses on restructuring existing battery designs to make these systems efficient and smart for Second Life applications. The second framework, on the other hand, introduces completely new design principles for the first and second use periods of the battery,” as the consortium writes. For each approach, an application testing scenario will be utilized, using domestic storage applications in Austria for one, and grid-wide storage applications in Greece for the other.

The part of the project that focuses on improving second-life storage applications aims to do so “by implementing wireless communication between the master battery management system and the module management system, improving the disassembly and reassembly process for second-life applications.” Furthermore, the project wants to integrate strain and pressure sensors into battery modules to enable improved estimation of battery condition and increase safety.

“The results of Battery2Life will help to support the transition to green energy and have a positive impact on the European economy and the environment,” said Elisabeth Dörr, AIT project manager of Battery2Life, adding: “Battery2Life is a significant step towards the sustainable use of electric vehicle batteries and contributes to the promotion of a circular economy.”



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