Elli launches management solution for charging company fleets

The Volkswagen Group subsidiary Elli is launching a management system for charging company fleets. It bundles AC and DC charging hardware and integrated software solutions - including a range of functions designed to make charging processes in the fleet car park more suitable for everyday use.

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Elli describes its new “Charging Site Management” solution as a B2B product that consists of hardware and software components and covers the steps from planning to setting up and operating the charging infrastructure. On the hardware side, it is compatible with the Elli Flexpole, Elli Charger and “additional charging hardware from selected partners.” The software solutions are based on a simple user interface. According to Elli, “Charging Site Management” users can thus “have the option of making important changes for their operations at any time via dashboards.”

The solution can be customised using several modules. That means that companies can select the scope of charging solutions according to their individual needs. Elli has also set up the Elli Commercial business unit to cater to the requirements of business customers faster and better. This is also where the project managers and planners who will support B2B customers in configuring the services in future are based.

“We are very proud to now offer companies a customised charging product that relies on state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions,” says Michael Gotthelf, Vice President of Elli Commercial. “Charging solutions for fleets represent a significant leap forward in sustainable mobility and we are committed to helping companies make this transition.”

In this context, Elli names the German government’s Autobahn GmbH as a new customer and that the latter will use Flexpoles to electrify its company fleet. The devices are mobile fast-charging stations with up to 150 kW, connected to the low-voltage grid thanks to an integrated battery system, but can then release the electricity quickly. “This enables Autobahn GmbH to efficiently supply its fleet of electrified vehicles with energy using a state-of-the-art charging solution,” Elli writes.

According to the company, Elli Commercial’s product range incorporates the expertise gained from charging management at Volkswagen sites. Elli has been operating over 8,200 charging points at 23 Volkswagen plants and 1,500 retail locations since 2020. For this reason, the company has developed “a deep understanding of the specific requirements and challenges that companies and their fleets face in the transition to electric mobility.”



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