CATL supplies batteries to Beijing Hyundai

CATL and Beijing Hyundai extended their strategic partnership at Auto China. The two companies intend to continue working together on EV projects in China and equip new electric models from Beijing Hyundai with CATL batteries.

Image: CATL

With the new agreement, Beijing Hyundai is expected to introduce more than ten new models equipped with CATL’s latest battery technology, including “CTP and NP,” according to the announcement. CTP stands for “Cell to Pack” and means that the battery cells are inserted directly into the battery housing, i.e. without the still widespread intermediate step of first grouping some cells into modules. Dispensing with modules is intended to increase the energy density at the system level.

CATL explains “NP 2.0” on its website as follows: “CATL develops the self-stabilizing battery system with gas-electric separation and active isolation, to achieve both high efficiency integration and high safety of high energy density batteries, which is compatible with all chemical systems and voltage platforms.” It is thus a technology designed to increase safety in the vehicle. NP 2.0 technology is used in CATL’s Qilin battery, the company’s third-generation CTP.

“CATL will leverage its technological advantages to work with Beijing Hyundai to create high-quality automotive products and support Beijing Hyundai’s business growth in China. A shared focus on product development ensures a win-win for both companies,” the Chinese battery manufacturer says.

Since cooperating with CATL in 2017, Beijing Hyundai has launched several models, of which more than 200,000 have been sold. As a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and Beijing Automotive Industrie Holding (the company behind the manufacturer BAIC), Beijing Hyundai has been active in the People’s Republic for 21 years and has built and sold over twelve million vehicles during this time.


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