Two electric trucks for Mercedes’ plant logistics around Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz is electrifying its logistics operations between Bad Cannstatt and Sindelfingen with two electric eActros trucks from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The duo now transports car engines on a daily basis.

Image: Daimler Truck

After Porsche announced just yesterday that it would be integrating seven e-trucks of different brands at its Zuffenhausen, Weissach and Leipzig sites, the next announcement comes from a German car manufacturer that is electrifying its first factory transport operations near Stuttgart: Mercedes-Benz states that its logistics partner Große-Vehne Speditions GmbH is now using two battery-electric eActros 300 tractor units to transport car engines between the Bad Cannstatt engine plant and the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. The two electric trucks each cover around 180 kilometres a day and are charged at a truck stop until the planned charging infrastructure is installed.

Although Daimler Truck has been an independent company since December 2021 following its spin-off from the Daimler Group, the ties between the two sides are naturally close. In this respect, the use of eActros trucks in Mercedes plant logistics is a logical step. The truck experts acted as advisors to ensure that the electrification of the aforementioned route was well prepared. According to an accompanying press release, this took place as part of the newly created ‘Sustainable Logistics Consulting’ (SLC) programme, which Daimler Truck has set up to provide close support to customers who are open to eMobility. According to Andreas Scharff, Head of eMobility Sales and Dealer Network Development Mercedes-Benz Trucks at Daimler Truck AG, Mercedes-Benz Group AG was the first customer of the new consulting programme. “Electrification of logistics continues to pick up speed. Increasing numbers of companies, also from the industrial sector, intend to put carbon-neutral supply chains in place.”

Elke Pusskeiler, Head of Supply Chain Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, adds: “In our supply chain, we are building on an optimum transport mix in which road transportation plays a significant role. Consequently, its electrification is a decisive factor on the way to balance sheet carbon neutrality. We are proud to be able to take such an important step towards sustainable transport logistics together with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and our partner Große-Vehne.”


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