Huber+Suhner presents new modular cable assemblies for commercial vehicles

Thanks to a new, customised modular high-voltage cable assembly (mCAY) from Huber+Suhner, the production of electric commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and special vehicles is set to become more efficient. The solution has been designed to be easier to assemble and to save development effort and time.

Image: Huber+Suhner

“Many vehicle manufacturers focus on the direct costs of their solutions, without paying enough attention to indirect production costs such as assembly, test and production equipment, or even reworks. These costs can be significantly reduced by considering requirements from production, and through the application of a modular approach, rather than a product-by-product approach,” the company writes in its announcement for the modular cable assemblies for commercial vehicles.

Huber+Suhner can now supply customers with complete cable assemblies. According to the company, end-of-line testing is integrated into the assembly process. That means that the customer should be able to install the mCAY solution in the electric commercial vehicles immediately after assembly and testing.

As a result, Huber+Suhner can now offer a corresponding range of tested cable options and access to high-voltage connectors to help electric vehicle design teams validate cabling concepts and speed up homologation.

The modular cable assemblies are designed to be fully compatible with other products from the high-voltage range, such as the Radox high-voltage cable, the modular high-voltage distribution unit (mHVDU) and the Radox EV-C connection system. In addition, Huber+Suhner is launching a product configurator (WEB) to enable customers to customise the products according to their requirements.
Via the portal, users can “mix and match cables, connectors and glands in just a few clicks.”

“With options for numerous cable sizes and types (single-core, multi-core or flex), an mCAY can be customised effortlessly through the intuitive configuration software,” the company writes. Further benefits include an accelerated purchasing process and shorter delivery times.


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