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Autolivery, Tesla, Citroën, Hyundai, Yudo, Daimler.

Ford-Autolivery-300x150Autolivery: Ford brought its vision of electric and autonomous delivery vans to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its ‘Autolivery’ concept, developed for Ford’s Last Mile Mobility Challenge, imagines electric self-driving vans, which carry drones that can pick up and drop off packages in dense cities. The principle reminds of UPS’ real world application with the HorseFly octocopter (we reported). In Barcelona, Ford also displays the Carr-E electric platform and the folding electric tricycle TriCiti, both outcomes of the Last Mile Mobility Challenge as well.,

Tesla lifetime insurance: The EV maker has started to include lifetime insurance and maintenance package in the purchase price of its cars in Asia in order to take safety features like the Autopilot and the benefits of an EV into account. It is unclear, what the exact price is, or when the offering will become widely available, but it is certain it will. If Tesla will keep it in-house or work with insurance partners has yet to be decided and depends on the providers’ flexibility.,

New EV for Britain: Citroën extended its EV range in the UK with the introduction of the Berlingo Electric L2 550 LX van. The L2 version is bigger than the the existing Berlingo Electric L1 635 LX model and costs from 22,180 GBP (exc. VAT; Plug-in Van Grant).,

Ioniq line-up complete: Hyundai has launched the plug-in hybrid variant of the Ioniq in Korea, making the trio of EV, hybrid and PHEV complete. The PHEV starts at 32.3m Won (about 27,000 euros). In Europe, the Ioniq PHEV will launch in August and in Q4 in the USA.,,

Yudo’s first models: China’s new EV brand called Yundu in Chinese, premiered its electric crossovers, the Pi 1 and Pi 3, which are to kick-off this June. The Pi1 is the smaller of the two and features two battery options that offer 200 and 330 km range respectively. The Pi 3 gets 300 km. Yudo‘s production facility in Fujian Province is said to be complete almost and will churn out up to 80,000 EVs a year.

Daimler’s new head for trucks and buses is Martin Daum, who previously oversaw the firm’s North American division. Daum has been with Daimler for the last 30 years and will be responsible to lead electrification of commercial vehicles in his new role.


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