Polestar starts construction works for its China plant

Shortly after having been established as brand for electric cars, Volvo subsidiary Polestar has kicked off construction works for its production facility in the Chinese city of Chengdu. Opening of the plant is scheduled for mid-2018.

The new plant has been designed in cooperation with Norwegian architect Snøhetta. Volvo claims that it is going to be the environment-friendliest car factory in China and one of the most efficient ones worldwide. The company’s objective is to obtain the Gold status in the globally-recognised LEED ratings (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

In the new plant, Polestar wants foremost its recently presented performance coupe Polestar 1 to roll off the lines. The model features a 600 hp plug-in hybrid and provides an electric range of 150 km. As to the plant’s capacity, the brand plans to build a maximum of 500 models annually.

The Polestar 1 shall stay the only PHEV in Polestar’s future line-up. From now on, all models shall feature an all-electric drivetrain. The performance brand says it will start production of a model called Polestar 2 in late 2019 and of a SUV-like model called Polestar 3 afterwards.
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