Apr 3, 2018 - 07:02 pm

JIVE 2: Dundee and Aberdeen to receive 22 hydrogen buses

The Scottish cities of Dundee and Aberdeen will be participating in the recently introduced European H2-bus project JIVE 2, which plans to bring another 152 fuel cell buses to 14 cities by 2023.

Dundee will receive 12 hydrogen buses as a part of the project, while Aberdeen will receive ten hydrogen powered buses to double their existing fleet. Under the leadership of Element Energy, JIVE 2 will be laying the trail for fuel-cell powered bus lines in 14 European cities.

The project is funded by the EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) with 25 million euros. JIVE 2 represents the second generation of the cross-border JIVE initiative, which plans to supply almost 300 H2 buses in 22 European cities.

JIVE made headlines in Germany in connection with WSW Mobil, a Wupptertal-based company, which started procurement for 63 fuel cell buses last year, functioning as a stand-in for public transport authorities in cities across Germany.

JIVE was started in 2017 and has a planned duration of 6 years. The goal is commercialize fuel cell buses though the joint purchase of the vehicles, as well as investment into hydrogen refueling stations. The project is further designed to garner public interest from communities and regions for the use of renewable energy vehicles in public transport, particularly in regard to subsidizing their use.



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