Jul 26, 2018 - 06:42 pm

China is launching local initiatives for battery recycling


China has selected 17 cities and regions to launch a pilot program for battery recycling for old EVs. The program will be launched in the major cities Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen, as well as the provinces of Juangsu, Anhui and Guangdong.

The plan was announced by the Chinese ministry for Industry and IT in a statement yesterday. City and regional governments are supposed to be motivated to cooperate in this area with automobile manufacturers, as well as including battery manufacturers as well as used-car sales and scrap dealers. This way, they hope to set up a whole recycling ecosystem to help deal with the expected flood of old EV batteries in the next years.

In February, the Chinese government already presented an outline for the plan, which also will see the development of a system to track batteries from the resource stage throughout their entire life-cycle. A core component of the plan is to issue codes for individual batteries.

For 2018, China is expecting a total amount of 170,000 tonnes of trash produced by EV batteries. For this reason, the government is taking measures to prevent the increasing amount of pollution from the industry. The February outline also included a preliminary ruling to require EV manufacturers to take responsibility for the batteries for their vehicles and set up provisions for the collection and recycling of used batteries, as well. Battery manufacturers will be required to set up standardized and easily disassembled batteries to ease the recycling process. Furthermore, technical schooling for automobile manufacturers will be required for the storage and disassembly of old batteries.



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