E-STOR adapted to work with JLR batteries


The British company Connected Energy has  adapted their energy storage system E-STOR to work with old EV batteries from the Jaguar I-Pace, as well as other water-cooled batteries from EVs by JLR.

So far the system based on the use of old EV batteries was specialized to work only with old Renault batteries. On this basis, Connected Energy already installed two HPC chargers in Belgium and Germany with connected E-STOR units.

At the start of the year, the French energy company Engie and the Macquarie Group announced their investment of 3 million pounds in Connected Energy, in order to expand the Newcastle based company in the UK and abroad.

In this regard, the step to cooperate with JLR and adapt the system to a second battery standard is quite a large step. Connected Energy adapted their control systems and their methodology so that their E-STOR system can now work with batteries from either manufacturer. The Jaguar batteries are larger than the Renault batteries and feature water-cooling.

Connected Energy founder Matthew Lumsden underlined the new-found flexibility that the system now boasts. The project is particularly well-timed as Jaguar is planning to have an electrified version of each of their vehicles by 2020, which will provide a host of new old battery sources.,


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