EQC to celebrate September world premiere in Stockholm


Daimler has announced intentions to present the serial version of the EQC on the fourth of September at this year’s @me convention in Stockholm. This means they will beat their competitor Audi by about two weeks, who postponed the presentation of their e-tron to the 17th.

Prior to the presentation, some technical data was also already announced for the first EV from the EQ family by Benz. The e-SUV will feature a 70 kWh battery mounted in the vehicle floor with pouch cells, and can be charged from 115 kW DC charging stations. Two motors with 150 kW performance each allow the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under five seconds, however the assertion has not been confirmed by Daimler yet. The range of the vehicle looks to be above 400 km, according to WLTP assessment. The vehicle will be produced in the Daimler factory in Bremen.

The vehicle has been available for pre-orders in Norway as far back as last Fall. It was reported in mid-May, that the EQ production would also soon be exported to China under Beijing Benz Automotive, the JV between Daimler and BAIC. It is unclear whether this will happen this or next year, however.

Doubts have also surfaced regarding the question of production in general – a report from June questioned whether the market launch would take place as planned or be postponed, citing possible technical difficulties and battery supply issues. Daimler has denied the rumors.

By 2022, Mercedes plans to release more than ten EVs across several market segments. The company is calculating that between 15% and 25% of sales in 2025 would be electrified. Production locations for the EVs will include Hambach, Rastatt, Sindelfingen, and Tuscaloosa in the USA, next to the Bremen location. Mercedes also recently announced plans to improve battery production capacities for EVs: Sindelfingen and Untertürkheim will receive the seventh and eighth battery assembly factories.

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