Sep 16, 2018 - 05:04 pm

ElringKlinger to enter IAA with new products


ElringKlinger is ready to show new product innovations at the IAA Commercial Vehicles, particularly in the battery and fuel cell technology areas. An example is their PEM fuel cell stack with 260 cells. The supplier also packed new electric drive units to go on display. 

They will also bring a show truck to the IAA to demonstrate their new line-up in action. Also their new fuel cell stack is already in use with a reduced cell count in forklifts , according to ElringKlinger. It features metallic bipolar plates and the new version will have an output of 115.4 kW, and can perform as a FC battery hybrid system or be used as a range-extender in vehicle systems.

ElringKlinger will also present a battery system for plug-in hybrids in Hannover, as well as an electric drive unit that can be integrated into various platforms. The PHEV battery system is built on prismatic lithium-ion cells and holds about 40 kWh with a nominal voltage of 400 volt.

The drive unit, built in cooperation with Hofer powertrain, uses a differential and a two-stage spur gear. Hofer powertrain is bringing the development expertise in the cooperation, while ElringKlinger is concentrating on serial manufacturing capacities.

The IAA Commercial Vehicles will take place from September, 20 – 27 in Hanover, Germany.


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