INCIT-EV project launches in 7 EU cities


The INCIT-EV project, now launched and funded by the EU Commission, is concerned with the development of innovative charging technologies for electric vehicles until the end of 2023. Under the leadership of Renault, a total of 33 partners from eight countries are participating in the project.

INCIT-EV will test dynamic induction charging systems for the urban environment in Paris and for suburban areas in Versailles. The programme also includes testing of optimised bi-directional smart charging in Amsterdam and Utrecht and bi-directional low-voltage charging and dynamic charging on taxi lanes at the airport and central station in Zaragoza. Finally, tests are also planned with a high-voltage charging system in the suburbs of Tallinn and with a charging station in a car-sharing car park in Turin.

These seven technology projects across Europe are the second phase of the INCIT EV project, scheduled to start in the second half of 2022. Prior to this, the partners want to analyse the needs and requirements of the users, evaluate the charging technologies and then integrate them into the existing infrastructure. “The customer-centric approach of the project will help to build a new ecosystem and develop technological charging solutions that could be introduced throughout Europe to promote and support electromobility,” said Renault’s initiators.

The French company submitted the four-year project in response to a call from the European Commission and has now also organised the consortium that is now behind its implementation. The more than 30 partners include companies, universities, institutes, cities and start-ups from Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. A list can be found in Renault’s press release under this link.

The project is financially supported by the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. Renault is both the initiator and the coordinator of the consortium and in this role, according to its own statements, acts as a mediator between the European Commission and the consortium partners. In addition, technical development, budgeting and scheduling are monitored, according to the company’s headquarters.


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