VW presents two ID.4 versions for China

VW has now officially presented the two versions of the ID.4 made for the Chinese market. The ID.4 X is the version of the electric SUV developed for SAIC-VW, while the ID.4 Crozz is the counterpart of FAW-VW.

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The VW ID.4 X has been slightly modified for China and differs from the European version presented in September with different headlights, taillights and bumpers. The latter is making the SAIC-VW edition 20 millimetres longer than the regular ID.4, but the ID.4 Crozz from FAW-VW is the same as the e-SUV you can get in Europe.

The basic interior concept with the free-standing touch screen also remained in both models, but the ID.4 X has a slightly modified centre console. At the same time, the ID.4 Crozz again corresponds to the EU version built in Zwickau, Germany. The space is also identical since width and wheelbase are the same on the ID.4 X and ID.4 Crozz. The two-centimetre difference in length is, as mentioned, mainly due to differently shaped bumpers.

Production of the ID.4 X by SAIC-VW started a few days ago. The ID.4 Crozz is now also being built at FAW-Volkswagen’s Foshan plant. Both the Foshan plant and the new SAIC-VW plant in Anting will have a capacity of 300,000 units per year.

Technical data on the two ID.4 derivatives was not included in Volkswagen’s Chinese notification. This means that for the time being only the data for the EU and the North American version are known, such as two battery sizes of 52 kWh and 77 kWh. There are also four power levels depending on battery size. The 52 kWh battery enables 109 or 125 kW, and the 77 kWh battery offers 128 kW or 150 kW for the ID.4.

According to a Chinese blog article, buyers can reserve the ID.4 X for less than 250,000 Yuan, equivalent to about 32,000 euros. Volkswagen has not mentioned any prices yet.

Fengshi Han, CEO of the VW brand in China, further said that VW plans to launch a total of eight ID. models in China by the end of 2023. However, it remains open whether the ID.4 Crozz and ID.4 X will be counted as one or two models.

Besides, SAIC-Volkswagen presented another electric car, which is not based on the MEB platform. The E-Tharu uses the MQB base of the e-Golf, including the 100 kW front motor. SAIC-VW managed to install a larger battery under the body. Instead of the 35.8 kWh of the e-Golf, the battery in the E-Tharu comes to 44.1 kWh. Prices start at 194,800 Yuan, just under €25,000.

Update 22 January 2021: VW has priced the two variants of the ID.4 presented in November for the Chinese market. Both the ID.4 X and the ID.4 Crozz start at prices starting at around 199,900 yuan after subsidies (equivalent to around 25,000 euros and 31,000 US dollars respectively) and are offered in five trim levels.

Depending on the equipment variant, the ID.4 X costs between 199,888 yuan and 272,888 yuan – at the current exchange rate, this is a range of 25,344 euros to 34,600 euros. For the ID.4 Crozz from FAW-Volkswagen, the range is slightly wider at 199,900 yuan to 279,900 yuan (25,346 euros to 35,490 euros). According to the Chinese VW homepage, both models can be pre-ordered.

However, the converted prices are difficult to compare with the European prices because the subsidies and equipment are different. In addition, the cheapest versions for less than 200,000 yuan only have an NEDC range of 400 kilometres. The smaller 58-kWh battery is installed here, while the ID.4 can currently only be ordered in Germany with the large 77-kWh battery – at prices starting at 44,450 euros before subsidies.

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28.02.2022 um 19:38
I got a hold of a 2021 chinese ID4 crozz pro and i cant get any updates for it(every thing is in the apps is in chinese and it requests a chinese phone number) is anything ì can do to update the software to make it functional?
17.03.2022 um 19:34
Same here! Please update me once you got updated :)
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I bought the same id4 crozz, Have the same issue . Any advise ?
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I also buy id4 crozz and not able to do any update and can’t login if anyone have solution kindly tell thanks

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