Renault offers more battery options for electric trucks

Renault Trucks has announced new battery options for its all-electric D Z.E. (16-tonne) and D Wide Z.E. (26-tonne) truck models. The trucks previously equipped with 50 kWh modules can now be ordered with 66 kWh modules. With the Master Z.E. electric van, the battery remains the same, but the payload is optionally increased.

Five different configurations with up to six battery modules of 66 kWh each are offered for the Renault Trucks D Z.E., which according to the manufacturer is supposed to allow a range of up to 400 kilometres – previously Renault had specified a maximum of 300 kilometres. The D Wide Z.E. can be equipped with up to four modules of 66 kWh each, giving it a range of up to 180 kilometres. However, Renault has apparently revised its specifications downwards: Up to now, the maximum 200 kWh of up to 200 kilometres was considered a realistic range, but with the new 264 kWh, the range will be only 180 kilometres.

Renault Trucks justifies the new battery offer with the demand from the market. The French company says that in the case of electric trucks, the battery makes up a large part of the purchase price. “For Renault Trucks, it is therefore not a question of systematically offering the maximum available range, but rather a range adapted to the needs of the customer”. The offer is designed to maintain payload and economic competitiveness and to be tailored to the customer’s usage.

The 16-tonne D Z.E. with its 185 kW electric engine is offered in two wheelbases (4.4 and 5.3 meters), while the 26-tonner D. Wide Z.E. has only one wheelbase at 3.9 meters. Two electric motors are installed here, so the total power output is 370 kW. According to Renault Trucks, both models can charge with up to 20 kW AC and 150 kW DC.

There is also a new version of the electric transporter Master Z.E. Previously the vehicle could be ordered with a gross vehicle weight of 3.1 tons, now there is also a 3.5-ton version available. Despite the additional 400 kilograms of payload, the “real range” will still be 120 kilometres according to Renault.

In principle, Renault Trucks offers the Master Z.E. in two models (panel van and platform chassis), three lengths (L1, L2, L3) and two heights (H1, H2) – this applies to the 3.1-tonne model. The new 3.5-tonne version will, according to the company, initially only be available as a panel van; no length or height is mentioned. However, the range of the 3.5-tonne model is also to be expanded soon, as the company says that a 3.5-tonne version will also be equipped with a new version of a platform chassis and a chassis with driver’s cab, which will allow the installation of extended equipment such as a tipper truck or a loading space with a tail lift”.

The 57 kW electric motor, the 33 kWh battery and the AC charging system (7.4 kW) of the Master Z.E. are apparently not to change.


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