Ballard & Global Energy Ventures to develop H2 ship


Ballard Power Systems signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Energy Ventures for the development of a new fuel cell-powered ship, called C-H2 Ship, designed to transport compressed green hydrogen. A small-scale, under 10 MW demonstration of the C-H2 Ship to be built initially.

Once the project reaches its full potential, the C-H2 Ship will have a propulsion power requirement of approximately 26MW at full scale, and a containment system for storage of 2,000 tons of compressed green hydrogen.

In terms of project responsibilities, GEV is going to be responsible for design approvals, development, financing, and operation of the hydrogen-powered ship, as well as the power system integration. Ballard will be designing the fuel cell system based on their FCwaveTM fuel cell technology. A time frame for either the runtime of the project or delivery date for the small-scale prototype were not communicated by the initiators of the project.

This will not be the first water-going, hydrogen-powered vehicle venture for Ballard, who is also developing a fuel cell ferry with the European Union, as well as developing a fuel-cell-powered tugboat with ABB. The cooperation with ABB goes back as far as 2017, when the two partnered to build a fuel cell drive for a cruise liner.

Global Energy Ventures describes itself as a provider of integrated compressed shipping solutions for the transportation of energy to regional markets, headquartered in Australia. “This MOU is a significant step in our development of the Company’s C-H2 Ship, with hydrogen fuel cells now at the forefront of zero-emission technologies for shipping,” said Martin Carolan, Executive Director of Global Energy Ventures. “We look forward to working with Ballard on the development of the C-H2 Ship’s fuel cell system and power requirements in line with our development program for a compressed shipping solution for hydrogen marine transport at scale.”



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