Mar 19, 2021 - 03:19 pm

First Bus orders electric double-deckers


Electric bus partners BYD and ADL have received another order from England. Operator First Bus has ordered five BYD ADL Enviro400EV all-electric double-decker buses for use in West Yorkshire.

According to BYD, First Bus has opted for the larger standard version of the Enviro400EV. This is 10.8 meters long and offers 69 seats. BYD-ADL had introduced a short version of its electric double-decker in February. This is 10.3 meters long and is said to be able to handle tighter turns in city centers with improved maneuverability.

The standard version has sold over 450 units to date. Since the start of the partnership with ADL, BYD says it has delivered over 750 electric buses in the UK – in addition to the double-decker, BYD-ADL also offers the Enviro200EV solo bus. First Bus also ordered 22 Enviro200EVs for use in Glasgow in early March.

The announcement does not indicate when the five vehicles are to be delivered. BYD also did not provide any information on the financial scope of the agreement.


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  1. Alex

    Yey but also phhhft.

    This is an insignificant number of Busses. We have First bus and Stagecoach as our 2 major bus companies in our city. First Bus has over 400 busses all diesel. Stagecoach has over 300 of them of which around 20% are hybrid, and they have trams too. Anyway there is no reason why the UK government should let anyone sell new diesel busses. Surely now that electric busses are viable diesel should not be an option. The reduction in emissions in the city will be massive. We moved house 3 weeks ago but at our old house we got a double dekker bus go past our house every 3 minutes 7am-7pm Mon-Fri. That is 20 massive diesel busses per hour belching fumes going up the hill. Making all these electric will do wonders to the local environment and locals health.

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