The Mobility House brings second-life power storage to France

Technology company The Mobility House has commercialised electric car battery storage for the first time in France’s electricity market. The storage is composed of first and second-life batteries, as used in the Renault Zoe.

The storage is part of Renault’s overarching Advanced Battery Storage project. The new facility at Renault’s Douai plant in northern France is thus similar in design to the storage facility in Elverlingsen, North Rhine-Westphalia, which TMH and Renault commissioned in November 2020. One difference: while only new batteries (First Life) were used in Elverlingsen, a mixture of new batteries and those already used in Zoes (Second Life) is used in Douai.

The 4.7 MWh storage facility in Douai already went into operation in October 2020. Now, the storage with TMH technology participates in the short-term trading as well as the primary control power market. The 4.7 MW storage facility has been prequalified to participate in the 4 MW primary control reserve market.

“We have been successfully working on the integration and marketing of electric car batteries in the electricity market since 2014 and are already active in this area in various European markets as well as the USA,” says Robert Hienz, CEO of The Mobility House. “With the integration of a storage system in the capacity market, as it is now the case in France, we are once again adding an innovative application to our technology spectrum.”

“Intelligent control of battery storage is an important step for the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid,” also says Yasmine Assef, Program Director, Energy Services at the responsible Renault subsidiary Mobilize. “Through projects like this, we are unlocking incredible future potential that not only drives the energy transition, but also contributes to grid stability and generates revenue with vehicle batteries.”

The Douai plant is not only important for electromobility because of its stationary storage. Douai is the centre of ElectriCity, in which Renault is combining its northern French plants into an electromobility production network. Among other things, the new Renault 5 will be built at the plant. Battery partner Envision AESC will also build a battery cell factory in Douai.


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