Aiways to be offered by Finn.Auto in Germany


In Germany, Aiways has just sold around 500 units of the Aiways U5 electric SUV to the Munich-based car subscription provider Finn.Auto. Some 150 vehicles will be delivered to Finn.Auto over the next three months.

Finn.Auto says it plans to offer the U5 on a flexible subscription basis “with immediate effect.” This should support sales for the Chinese electric car startup in Germany.

At the time of publication, the vehicle was not yet listed on the German subscription provider’s website, so it is not yet possible to say what the monthly subscription rate will be. Currently, the Fiat 500e Icon and the Hyundai Kona Elektro are the cheapest vehicles on offer for 329 and 359 euros a month respectively.

It is difficult to estimate the monthly rate for the U5 in view of the other models in this price segment. Finn.Auto offers the BMW i3 in the “basic variant” from 409 euros per month, and the vehicle is listed in the BMW price list at 39,900 euros. The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ costs 43,560 euros before deduction of the environmental bonus in Germany and is being offered by Finn.Auto for 799 euros per month. At 42,050 euros, the Aiways U5 lies between these two models in the premium level.

“With the Aiways U5, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers another attractive and powerful electric vehicle with an innovative battery technology,” says Finn.Auto founder Max-Josef Meier. “Our mission is not just to make mobility with your own car as simple and straightforward as buying shoes online. We also want to push the e-car issue.”

The Chinese startup began production of its U5 model for the European market at its Shangrao plant at the end of 2019 and began taking orders for Europe in April 2020. In May this year, Aiways published the first pictures of the production version of its second electric model after the U5. The crossover coupé Aiways U6 is to be launched in China and Europe later this year. Aiways says it has exported more than 2,500 units of its first model, the U5 electric SUV, to Europe so far. The Aiways U5 is currently offered in five European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands. CATL also invested in the Chinese carmaking startup in May this year.

“Finn.Auto’s car subscription offers a new brand like Aiways a flexible entry into the market to attract customers to our Aiways U5,” said Alexander Klose, executive vice president for Aiways’ international business. “With Finn.Auto, we want to tap into additional customer groups and get more customers excited about our products – including future ones.”

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