Sep 18, 2021 - 05:31 pm

Ballard reveals new fuel cell module for trucks

Ballard Power Systems is introducing a new generation of its FCmove fuel cell module for buses and medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The new 100 kW module is called FCmove-HD+.

According to Ballard, the new 100 kW module is more than 40 per cent more compact and over 30 per cent lighter than the predecessor module. It also uses half as many individual parts and has a lower cost.

The new module from the Canadian fuel cell technology company has been designed be more easily integrated into vehicles. The module is engineered for both engine bay and rooftop configurations, meaning that it works for both truck and bus applications.

Ballard’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Colbow says, “With now over 100 million kilometres in service by the 3,500 buses and trucks powered by our technology, we have industry leading, proven road experience, and confidence in our product life cycle cost. The evolution of our technology and product portfolio continues to position us to lead in this rapidly growing market.”

The first vehicles with the new module are expected to hit the market next year. This also concerns the cooperation with Quantron and for fuel cell trucks announced just last week for the development of fuel-cell powered trucks. Quantron said that it will launch a twelve-metre-long low-floor bus as a BEV – and a little later also as an FCEV – from the end of the year.

Hexagon Purus has also formed a partnership with Ballard to produce Class 6 & 7 fuel cell electric trucks. The partners say this truck will provide a range of over 400 miles and refuelling times comparable to conventional trucks. The truck is to be eligible under California’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP)  vehicle list in 2022. Ballard points out that California leads the US in supporting the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell technology. This includes the development of a statewide hydrogen fueling infrastructure to service fuel cell vehicles. (new module) (cooperation with Hexagon Purus)


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