Oct 24, 2021 - 12:56 pm

SAIC-VW launches ID.3 sales in China

Volkswagen has started selling the ID.3 in China. Three variants are offered at prices starting at 159,888 yuan, the equivalent of about 21,500 euros. As reported, the compact electric car is produced locally by SAIC Volkswagen in Anting.

According to the Chinese electric car portal CnEVPost, sales of the ID.3 began on Friday. The entry-level variant is said to cost 159,888 yuan (around 21,500 euros), the other two variants 173,888 yuan (around 23,400 euros) each. The portal does not provide details on these variants. However, various media report that they are both models with 125-kW and 310-Nm rear-wheel drive and the medium-sized 58-kWh battery.

It is also clear that the Chinese-made model, at 4,261 x 1,778 x 1,568 mm, is slightly narrower and slightly taller than the European variant. The wheelbase of 2.77 metres, however, remains identical. The Chinese ID.3 is produced by SAIC-VW together with the ID.4 X and ID.6 X in Anting. In August, Volkswagen officially confirmed rumours that the compact electric car would be launched in China.

Speaking of the ID.4 X and ID.6 X: SAIC-VW has temporarily reduced the prices of these two models. For the time being, however, the reduced prices will only apply until the end of October. Thus, the five variants of the ID.4 X are now offered with a price range of 199,888 to 272,888 yuan (around 26,900 to 36,700 euros), the five models of the ID.6 X with 239,888 to 335,888 yuan (32,300 to 45,200 euros). This corresponds to a reduction of 24,000 yuan for the ID.4 X and 31,000 yuan for the ID.6 X (3227 euros and 4168 euros respectively).

Meanwhile, VW has also announced the date for the world premiere of the ID.5 GTX: it will take place on 3 November. Volkswagen initially exhibited the ID.5 GTX at the IAA as a disguised near-production study. When the ID.5 GTX arrives at the dealers next year, it will be the second model of the sporty GTX product brand after the ID.4 GTX.

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  1. Deno

    This price is fantastic. Wish I could get one at that price here in Europe.

    So much for “25k” BEV car from Volkswagen in 3-5 years, LOL

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