DHL Parcel UK buys 50 Mercedes eSprinter vans

DHL Parcel UK will add 50 new electric vans to their fleet before the year’s end. The logistics company will deploy the 50 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter L2s in Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester, Bristol and Southampton and complement the fleet in London.

Scott Laird, vice president of operations at DHL Parcel, said, “Just a few months after our initial electric van deployment in London, we’re delighted to be entering the next phase of our roll-out plans, extending the benefits of these new vehicles across the country.”

For the latest purchase in the UK, DHL Parcel UK is investing a total of £2.8 million (about €3.3) to extend its electric van fleet. The chosen zero-emissions vehicle of type Mercedes-Benz eSprinter L2 has a range of 95 miles and a payload of 775kgs. With a range of the equivalent of 153 kilometres, the logistics company seems to have opted for the larger of the two batteries (55 kWh gross, 47 kWh net). According to the datasheet, this enables up to 168 kilometres. DHL did not specify charging options but added the bodies had been customised for ease of use for drivers and to ensure continued high service levels, so the company.

DHL now has 129 electric vehicles in operation across its UK businesses, including the UK’s first fully-electric 16-tonne truck.

Globally, Deutsche Post DHL Group reportedly aims to convert 60 per cent of its last-mile delivery vehicles to electric powertrains by 2030, putting more than 80,000 electric vehicles on the road.

In today’s news, DHL also confirmed it would meet UK government demands for all new vehicles in its fleet by 2030 and do the same in other countries where legislation demands.

For Mercedes-Benz vans, the new order comes shortly after Hermes UK ordered 168 vehicles from the company. Again in the UK, Mercedes recently agreed on a partnership with EO Charging to provide their van drivers with chargers, charge point management software and ongoing support and maintenance as reported.,


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