VW to begin ID.4 production in the USA early


VW plans to start series production of the ID.4 at its US plant in Chattanooga in July and to bring the vehicles to dealers in “significant quantities” from September. That would be several months earlier than previously planned.

At the beginning of the year, VW still said that the series production of the ID.4 in the US would start in autumn. This is what North America boss Scott Keogh told the US broadcaster CNBC when setting ID.4 production in Chattanooga to start in September or October. According to Keogh, the plant is expected to reach a production capacity of up to 10,000 ID.4s per month once it is fully operational with three shifts. Until now, ID.4s sold in the US have been built in Zwickau.

Even with the early start of series production, the workforce and production facilities should be well prepared. As reported, pre-series production has been underway in Chattanooga since August 2021.

The ID.4 built in Chattanooga will differ slightly from the European model. Among other things, cells produced in Georgia by SK Innovation will be used instead of cells from LG Energy Solution. It remains to be seen whether the other cells will have an influence on the technical data – for example in the charging curve or power output.

Keogh also confirmed plans for a second plant in the US and a battery factory, but without giving details. Both could reportedly be built near the current plant in Chattanooga. Keogh told CNBC that no decision had yet been made, but that the company was actively looking for suitable sites.

According to information from the end of April, VW Group CEO Herbert Diess is determined to strengthen the US business. In March, Keogh had already indicated that 90 per cent of VW’s portfolio for North America would also be built in North America by 2030. Another plant in North America alongside Chattanooga and Puebla in Mexico would be very helpful.

Meanwhile, VW has opened its previously announced Battery Engineering Lab (BEL) in Chattanooga, which will be used to test and optimise batteries for all of the manufacturer’s electric cars in the American market. The facility on the site of the existing vehicle plant had been under construction since the end of 2020. (ID.4), (BEL)


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Larry Wolf
09.06.2022 um 16:02
Good VW keep them coming. We gotta stamp down that evil Tesla
Bernard Mc Neil
10.06.2022 um 06:10
I have bought my ID4 in mai 2021 have recived my order number in august but have'nt recived my car yet. I hope I will have news from VW soon I am beginning to be disappointed by the company.
10.06.2022 um 22:44
Every car company is struggling with the chip shortage.
Brian G
26.06.2022 um 21:16
Not only the chip shortage. Wiring harnesses were made in Ukraine so now they have to find and develop alternate suppliers.
Darrell Ray Land
14.09.2022 um 17:41
this is almost a year ago news, the plant that made the wiring harness was only down 2 weeks
10.06.2022 um 12:59
Ugovorio sam auto ID4 GTX 08.10.2021 i nikako da saznam kad će to moje vozilo u proizvodnju.
Betty Culbreth Ulsas
10.06.2022 um 14:46
We dislike how we are being kept in the dark on where we are on the lists. First the waiting list when we signed up in November and now the build list from several months ago .Somebody knows where we are on the list so why don't we? POOR practice VW. We were involved in Dieselgate but still returned to VW. Losing our loyalty FAST!
14.07.2022 um 21:24
I went through this same thing with my Bronco. Even if you were given more information, that would then create new issues that you wouldn’t be happy with. You can’t win and they can’t win so no news doesn’t give you false hope while you still know it’s in the works.
s ms
28.06.2022 um 18:39
Hold tight - all will likely be ok. VW is dealing with a planet out of control and out of their hands. Like the weather and airline delays - I just try to be patient.
21.06.2022 um 06:21
I am having the exact same problem. I too put in my initial order in November 2021. I also am being kept in the dark about what to expect. Because I do have to travel for work, I have already started looking at other dealerships other than VW in my area as a backup plan. Volkswagens communication breakdown is not making me feel confident as a buyer.
10.06.2022 um 16:21
Been waiting since October! I assume they will have to fill their pre-orders first!
William Larson
10.06.2022 um 16:37
I own an ID.4 I don't think they will sell many and here is why. The software is terrible and slow. They promise OTA updates and don't deliver. They also went 400V instead of 800v which was a huge mistake. They need to either upgrade the tech and hire some better engineers for their infotainment systems or the price needs to come down 10K. Ionic 5 and EV6 are superior in charge rates and infotainment l. ID4 does have great build quality.
27.06.2022 um 23:31
availability is the issue. if they can be made, they will sell. i'm on list for either id4, ev6 and i5 and i'll take whatever comes my way for next few years.
10.06.2022 um 19:56
We ordered an ID.4 in January 2022, and we're still waiting for it. Hopefully we will get it soon.
11.06.2022 um 04:17
Great news, look forward to purchasing ID 4 glad too hear Volkswagen will be available soon one of the greatest companies to hold truth and help save us from the uncontrollably high gas prices, thanks Volkswagen for the great exciting news !
Joseph Pétroni
11.06.2022 um 11:32
Hi, I live in Canada PQ and I ordered my ID4 in April 2021. I didn’t receive any info from my dealer yet, should I expect my car will be built at Chattanooga and deliver to my dealer this year?
11.06.2022 um 20:20
I have had my ID.4 for 2 months. Love everything about it. Worth the wait.
12.06.2022 um 03:09
Placed an order a few months ago. Have heard nothing from VW. Have started look at other EVs to consider. Toyota is not on the list as they will under produce and mark up high. Was quoted $16k over MSRP for their short range EV.
14.06.2022 um 21:49
I just ordered an ID.4 two days and was told by my sales rep 8-12 months before delivery. That was not taking into account the Chattanooga plant starting production early or for it it to be built in the US at all. So this is great news for everyone waiting. It will take them a while to ramp up to 10K/mo., but this should move up delivery dates rapidly. I am hoping mine gets pushed into MY 2023 so more bugs get worked out. Plus I really don't want one of the first ones off the line from Chattanooga. First year VW's (new plant especially) are notoriously sketchy!
Jim W
25.06.2022 um 21:54
So what software level will they be producing, and could they pleas make a few updates for the poor German id/4s already in circulation in the US?
William Vargas
09.07.2022 um 01:25
Ordered my ID.4 in May 2022, hopefully with the production plant in Tennessee it will make a shorter wait time!
Chris Girard
15.07.2022 um 19:58
I have been on the waitlist for a Fisker since 11/2021 and they are quoting Q3 2023 to start manufacturing the version I want(the Ultra $50k MSRP). I have ordered the ID4 Pro S with Gradient AWD now as well. What I have seen with the Fisker is they plan to build the Extreme version, $70k, first and then start building the cheaper cars. They start manufacturing in 11/2022. My hope is VW builds the more expensive ones first too which is why I did the Pro 4s AWD with gradient. I’m going with whatever comes first. My wife’s Honda Odyssey with 182k miles is getting really expensive to maintain.
Darrell Ray Land
14.09.2022 um 17:42
I reserved 8 months ago and no lock, I am ready to move on and just get a Tesla Model Y. Even if I lock in the next month it will still be 6-12 months waiting according to VW rep

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