Britishvolt prepares to develop 4690 battery cells

Britishvolt announced it is developing large format 4690 battery cells. The 4690 format is to be developed and prototyped at the EAS facility in Germany before being transferred to the UK for scale-up at the company’s Hams Hall facility in the Midlands ahead of large-scale production at the battery factory Northumberland.

4690 is among a range of new battery products Britishvolt plans to bring to market this decade as it aim to play “a leading role in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future”. As mentioned above, the battery cell format will be developed in Germany at the EAS facility, which Britishvolt purchased just at the end of May. The scaling at Hams Hall, which was also just announced to be expanded just days after the EAS acquisition.

Britishvolt is following this development route, as the company believes larger format cells are a “key enabler for the future of the battery industry” and aims to tailor cells specific to customer requirements, including the ability to change the length of the 4690 to suit applications.

“We start with digital twin/simulation modelling, exactly the same way we did with our 21700 cell development, and then move on to physical prototyping,” explained Orral Nadjari, Founder/CEO of Britishvolt, adding: “This improves efficiency, reduces waste, lowers costs and makes us leaner and more agile. We can also tailor the length of the cell to suit specific applications. This is a unique Britishvolt proposition that will also help anchor the UK as a global battery leader and home to leading battery innovation.”

Earlier this year, Britishvolt signed MoU’s with both Lotus Cars and Aston Martin. The work with Lotus Cars will see Britishvolt and the Norfolk-based vehicle manufacturer develop an electric sports car powered by Britishvolt cells and with advanced electric propulsion technologies developed by Lotus Cars. Aston Martin aims to use the development partnership to help develop their first battery-electric car, slated for release in 2025.


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