Europe: Elli now offers wall box in three more countries


Elli, the Volkswagen subsidiary responsible for charging and energy businesses within the Group, expands its wall box reach. The three white label home charging models are now available in Italy, Sweden and Spain.

Volkswagen Group brands can label the Elli wall boxes like the ID. Charger under the VW label. Generally, Elli offers three variants that each offer up to 11 kW charging power and an integrated Type 2 cable with a length of 4.5 or 7.5 meters. The ‘Standard’ model has no connectivity, unlike the ‘Connect’ and ‘Pro’ with WLAN or LTE. With these versions, EV owners can activate the wall boxes remotely and enable specific user access and charging cards.

“Elli sees itself as an independent full-service provider of charging and energy solutions that customers of all brands can use,” says Simon Löffler, CCO of Elli. “We are therefore expanding the distribution of our wall box offer and taking this service to other European countries.”

The offer includes options for installation services in Italy, Sweden and Spain, but customers need to request these through Elli. The company lists modifications such as masonry or fuse boxes or extra cables among the extras the partners may provide.

For prices, Elli told that these were country and brand specific when configuring the wall box. In Germany, the Standard model starts at 479 euros and the Pro costs €999 including VAT.

Next to wall boxes, Elli has three tariffs for charging outside the home. The subscription includes 330,000 charge points throughout Europe, including 10,000 fast chargers at over 3,000 locations. There is an operator-independent (apart from Ionity) fixed price per kilowatt hour, but Elli distinguishes three usage levels. ‘Drive Free’, ‘Drive City’ and ‘Drive Highway’ depends on whether EV drivers rarely, frequently or quickly need to charge their vehicles. All but the Drive Free tariff incur a monthly fee plus usage. (wall boxes), (public charging tariffs)


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