Teco 2030 orders ful cell production line from ThyssenKrupp

The Norwegian company Teco 2030, which is building a “gigafactory” for fuel cells for use in ships, is securing German mechanical engineering expertise. Teco wants ThyssenKrupp Automation Engineering to deliver a complete production line.

The two sides have agreed by letter of intent to supply and install the first of several fuel cell production lines at Teco 2030’s innovation center. The deal includes a complete production line for PEM fuel cells, including stack and module assembly and test equipment.

Teco 2030 is part of the Teco Maritime Group and plans to build its FC factory specializing in maritime applications in Narvik in northern Norway. The future production facility is expected to produce fuel cells with an output of 1.2 gigawatts per year and create up to 500 jobs. Teco 2030 puts the investment requirement at 100 million euros over a period of around ten years. In addition to the factory itself, the aforementioned innovation center is also to be built in Narvik. According to earlier information, both facilities will be “combined”.

Fuel cell development will be carried out in collaboration with Austrian engineering firm AVL, which will also contribute to the design and construction of the factory. Teco 2030 says it will deliver a marine hydrogen solution that is more efficient, compact and durable than fuel cells based on modified vehicle stacks. It plans to begin fuel cell production in 2022.

On its website, Teco 2030 says it has developed a 400 kW maritime fuel cell module. Three of these modules with PEM fuel cells are to be combined into a system with 1.2 megawatts of power. This FC system is then expected to offer similar response to an equally powerful diesel unit, while being significantly smaller.



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