BEVs reach 77% market share in Norway over September

A total of 11,384 electric cars were newly registered in Norway in September, giving them a market share of 77.7 per cent of new passenger car registrations in the country. In addition, there were 1,669 new plug-in hybrids. With 3,063 new registrations, the Tesla Model Y topped the list among all drive types.

Compared to the 13,946 new electric cars in September 2021, the 11,384 new electric cars from the previous month represent a drop of 18.4 per cent. However, the overall Norwegian vehicle market also shrank by 18.6 per cent compared to September 2021. At that time, the EV share stood at 77.5 per cent.

The decline of 18.6 per cent meant that the overall market (14,646 vehicles) slumped less than it did in the YoY comparison for August from 2021 to 2022, at 24.7 per cent. In the current year, 79,931 electric passenger cars were newly registered, roughly the same number as in the corresponding period in 2021 – the minus is only 0.8 per cent, while total new registrations are down 20.3 per cent.

33.5 per cent fewer plug-in hybrids were registered in September 2022 (compared to September 2021) at 1,669 units. In the current year, the decline in PHEVs was much greater, at -63.9 per cent (to 10,321 vehicles). In September, PHEVs accounted for 11.4 per cent of the market, so together with BEVs, 89.1 per cent of all new cars had a charging port.

Non-rechargeable hybrids are down 29.5 per cent year-to-date (5,673 units), but actually increased to 812 units in September. Internal combustion-only vehicles continue to command minimal market shares, with gasoline engines at 2.2 per cent and diesel engines at 3.1 per cent.

In terms of models, the Tesla Model Y topped the statistics by a wide margin with 3,063 new registrations. No other model reached four-digit new registrations in September – not even the Model 3. Second place in the evaluation by the Norwegian Road Information Authority OFV went to the VW ID.4 with 919 new registrations, followed by the sister model Skoda Enyaq with 636 vehicles. Only then comes the Tesla Model 3 with 602 vehicles.

The portal, which publishes slightly different figures in some cases, confirms this order in September: the Model Y is ahead with 3,063 units, followed by the ID.4 (903), Enyaq (629) and Model 3 (602). Also well placed are the Polestar 2 (343) and the Volvo C40 (338) – with the electric version of the Volvo XC40 adding another 239 new registrations. The BMX iX establishes itself with 296 units ahead of models such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (262), Audi Q4 e-tron (250) and VW ID.5 (237)., (models, both in Norwegian),


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