Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi strengthen worldwide cooperation on EVs


The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance unveiled more details about their partnership and new direction for the next 15 years. Plans include joint activities in Latin America, India and Europe – with talk of a joint 800-volt architecture in the latter case.

Following the announcement at the end of January, it was confirmed that Nissan intends to take a stake of up to 15 per cent in Ampere, the Renault Group’s future independent electric car division. Mitsubishi is also considering a stake in Ampere. In the case of Mitsubishi, it is not yet clear how many per cent the carmaker wants to take over.

The alliance partners are also planning a number of projects in Latin America, India and Europe – including in the field of electric cars. Among other things, Nissan and the Renault Group will continue to use common technologies for their European cars. This includes the potential use of a shared 800-volt architecture.

No technical details were given. However, it seems that top management in France and Japan has recognized that in the current and future competitive environment, the performance of 400-volt models will no longer be sufficient. “To ensure a benchmark charging time, Nissan and the Renault Group would continue sharing technologies on their European cars, including potential usage of common 800-volt architecture,” the joint statement reads.

The alliance also confirms that a Nissan B-segment electric model will be built by Renault at ElectriCity in northern France starting in 2026. The model based on the CMF-BEV will be the successor of the Micra intended for Europe, which will share the drive technology with the upcoming Renault 5 Electric.

The Renault Group and Nissan also plan to select joint recycling partners for their end-of-life batteries and production waste, and are considering jointly setting up a charging infrastructure in Europe at their respective dealerships. So far, only Renault had concretely announced this through its Mobilize division.

Apart from the possible participation in Ampere, Mitsubishi is not mentioned in the eMobility plans, by the way. Only the Renault-based Mitsubishi ASX is mentioned – although, as reported, it is a Renault Captur with the Mitsubishi logo, which is also offered as a plug-in hybrid.

The new alliance agreement, to be concluded by 31 March 2023, “would initially be valid for 15 years”, Renault said.


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