StoreDot’s battery cells to be manufactured on three continents


The Israeli battery developer StoreDot has given more details about the planned production of its fast-charging battery cells. The cells are to be manufactured on three continents: in the USA, Europe and Asia.

As previously announced, StoreDot is not planning its own production facilities but wants to produce the cells in existing and future battery factories of its automotive partners. According to the statement, this approach was chosen in order to “offer customers just-in-time delivery at their own locations”. In addition, the supply chain is to be localised in each case to reduce CO₂ emissions, it said.

Production is expected to start in the course of 2024, as the Israeli company confirmed in the statement. StoreDot has not yet named any concrete partners for battery production, however, a partnership with the Chinese cell manufacturer Eve Energy has existed since 2021. Even then, the goal of series production in 2024 was mentioned. Eve Energy has plants in China and is building more. For Europe, a strategic cooperation with the prospective cell manufacturer Italvolt was announced in January this year to manufacture StoreDot’s XFC cells in Italy. Why the two previously announced partners are not named in the current announcement is unclear.

StoreDot’s fast-charging silicon-dominated battery cells are reportedly being tested under real-world conditions by 15 car brands from Europe, Asia and the US. StoreDot did not name names at the time. However, it is very likely that StoreDot’s own investors Mercedes, VinFast, Volvo Cars, Polestar and Ola Electric are among these test customers.

The XFC cell is said to excel, among other things, in its extreme fast-charging capability – in May 2022 the company demonstrated a charge to 86 per cent in ten minutes, and in October it reported proof of durability of 1,000 fast-charge cycles with production-ready cells. These were pouch cells, but 4680 round cells have also been announced.

“It’s important that leading battery developers like StoreDot can deliver batteries consistently, efficiently, conveniently, and sustainably, as we care greatly about the environmental impact of battery supply chains. By serving our OEM customers from their own locations we can do this more effectively while demonstrating our commitment to net zero,” says company CEO Doron Myersdorf.

StoreDot had unveiled its “100inX” strategic technology roadmap in 2022, announcing the next three generations of technology. By 2024, the “100in5” battery is expected to arrive – a silicon-dominated XFC cell that can charge electricity for 100 miles (160 km) in five minutes. The semi-solid-state “100in3” cell is due by 2028, and the “100in2” as a “post-lithium architecture” is due to be delivered to car manufacturers in 2032.


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