Quantron presents fuel cell truck for the US with over 1,300 km range

Augsburg-based Quantron has unveiled a new fuel cell truck for the US market with a range of up to 850 miles (1,360 kilometres) designed for heavy-duty and long-haul applications.

The US Class 8 H2 truck was unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Anaheim, California. In the announcement, the new model is simply called the “Quantron Class 8 US Truck”. As is the rule at Quantron, this is not a completely self-developed vehicle, but a conversion to a fuel cell drive based on an existing chassis.

Quantron does not yet mention technical data on the fuel cell, buffer battery or electric motor in the announcement. Instead, the focus is on tank capacity and range. Accordingly, the concept vehicle unveiled in Anaheim has an 80-kilogram hydrogen tank. “At the start of production, Quantron expects the heavy-duty Class 8 truck to have a range of about 750 to 850 miles with a tank capacity of 100 kg of hydrogen,” the release says. This amount should be able to be refuelled in ten to 15 minutes, the manufacturer said.

T compare, the heavy H2 truck that Quantron presented for Europe last autumn has a capacity of 54 kilograms of hydrogen. This is supposed to allow a range of up to 700 kilometres in the standard variant, while the aero variant presented at the end of April is supposed to reach “at least” 700 kilometres.

At the show, Quantron also announced a collaboration with FirstElement Fuel, which ensures that Quantron customers have access to a network of currently around 40 hydrogen refuelling stations in California through FirstElement Fuel. “Quantron is about making it easy for fleets to transition to carbon-free mobility,” said Rick Haas, president and CEO of Quantron US. “By working with FirstElement, we are able to overcome the modern infrastructure challenge that limits the potential of other alternative energy sources – access to a reliable refueling network. FirstElement’s hydrogen network will allow drivers to seamlessly refuel and get back on the road, just like they would with diesel today, only now they’ll go further with zero-emission fuel.”

Quantron had set up a US subsidiary in autumn 2022 and promptly won a major contract there from logistics company TMP Logistics in the form of a framework agreement to supply 500 heavy-duty fuel cell trucks. Now it is also clear which model TMP Logistics is to receive.


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about „Quantron presents fuel cell truck for the US with over 1,300 km range“
04.05.2023 um 14:40
Are you gonna pay $17 per gallon? Nope. The cost of hydrogen fuel is about 5 times more expensive than gasoline on a per-mile basis.

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