PowerCo to nearly double staff numbers


Volkswagen’s battery subsidiary PowerCo is to employ almost twice as many people at the end of this year; up to 1,500 compared to the current 800. The company is also increasingly looking for suitable specialists in Asia.

This was stated by PowerCo’s personnel manager Sebastian Krapoth to the German publication Handelsblatt. Among other things, he said that “we want to have hired our thousandth employee as early as this summer”. The company is mainly looking for chemists, development and process engineers for battery cell production in Salzgitter and procurement experts for battery raw materials.

The VW subsidiary is also negotiating with battery experts from Asia in its search for staff. That is where the battery industry has been established the longest. At its headquarters in Salzgitter, PowerCo will also retrain many employees from the VW engine plant there for battery production, according to the personnel manager. PowerCo also wants to attract more skilled workers and specialists to the city in Lower Saxony with an in-house collective agreement.

Since its founding in July 2022, Volkswagen subsidiary PowerCo has famously identified three locations for cell factories: Salzgitter, Valencia and St. Thomas in Ontario/Canada. Two of these are already under construction, namely the one in Salzgitter and, more recently, the one near Valencia. Production is scheduled to start in Salzgitter in 2025 and in the other two plants in 2026 and 2027. By 2030, PowerCo wants to build and operate battery cell plants with a total production capacity of 240 GWh in Europe alone.


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