Samsung SDI to produce 46120 cells for BMW in Goed


Samsung SDI plans to expand its battery cell factory in Goed, Hungary, this year to produce large cylindrical cells with a diameter of 46 millimetres. BMW is said to be a future customer for these cells.

That is what TheElec reports, citing unnamed sources. According to the report, BMW commissioned Samsung SDI to supply cylindrical cells in the 46120 format (46 mm diameter, 120 mm length), which will be produced in Goed. Samsung SDI will allegedly also manufacture 4680 and 4695 cells there. The manufacturer will invest around 500 billion won (about 345 million euros) in expanding the Hungarian plant, installing two additional production lines for round cells with a capacity of 10 GWh per year.

Samsung SDI had fallen behind other South Korean cell manufacturers, with LGES and SK On landing big OEM deals. However, the company recently devoted some resources to developing cylindrical cells with a 46-millimetre diameter and now has a pilot line in South Korea. Samsung SDI is also expected to produce its cylindrical cells in a new factory in Malaysia. In its latest quarterly report, Samsung SDI stated that the production of 46 mm diameter sample cells has already started.

So now, the relationship between Samsung SDI and BMW in Hungary is tightening. As early as January 2023, there were rumours that Samsung SDI was planning cylindrical cell production for BMW in Hungary. BMW is known to be building an electric car plant in Debrecen, Hungary, where series production for the first all-electric New Class vehicle will start in 2025, as well as battery assembly. Chinese battery cell manufacturer Eve Energy will also build a factory in Debrecen, Hungary, to supply BMW with large cylindrical cells for New Class electric cars. The new cylindrical cells from Eve for BMW will reportedly have a 4695 format. BMW uses two cell heights: 120 and 95 millimetres.

Several manufacturers currently want to install cylindrical cells with a diameter of 46 millimetres in their vehicles. Besides BMW, these include GM and Tesla. Samsung SDI could thus have several well-known customers for its cylindrical cells. And another carmaker could join the list: According to TheElec, Volvo could also receive cylindrical cells from Samsung SDI in the future. However, details remain scarce.

And Samsung SDI is working closely with GM. The two companies want to build a battery cell factory in the US state of Indiana in 2026, in which both prismatic and cylindrical cells with a high nickel content will come off the production line. A few days ago, Samsung SDI also signed a letter of intent with Stellantis to build a second joint battery cell factory in the US. The partners made no mention of the cell type so far.


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