Isuzu to open eMobility centre in Japan

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Motors is building a development and test center for electric vehicles at its plant in Fujisawa. In future, components such as electric motors, batteries and thermal management systems will be developed and tested here.

Image: Isuzu

The so-called “Earth Lab” is scheduled to go into operation in June 2026, according to a statement from Isuzu. Isuzu is an independent manufacturer and is listed as a company in the Japanese Nikkei225 index, but car manufacturers such as Toyota and Mitsubishi hold Isuzu shares. In addition, Isuzu has been closely linked to General Motors in the meantime – also in terms of technology.

In terms of electrification, Isuzu has so far also relied primarily on partnerships, for example with Toyota and Hino for buses or Honda for a heavy-duty fuel cell truck. This has made it possible to share eMobility investments. With the new development centre, however, Isuzu wants to become more independent again and develop and test electric drives for BEVs and FCEVs itself.

According to the press release, the new facility will have “testing and evaluation equipment for components such as batteries, motors, EV systems and thermal management”. “By gaining a deeper understanding of battery characteristics, the company aims to maximize the performance of battery management. In addition, it is possible to optimize the functionality of combined EV components such as batteries and motors as well as the thermal management of the entire system,” says Isuzu. The aim is to improve the range and performance of electric vehicles.

The building has a floor area of 5,700 square meters, and the development centre will cover around 27,000 square meters over several floors. Isuzu plans to invest 40 billion yen, or the equivalent of 246 million euros, by the time it opens in 2026.


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