Changan and Ganfeng team up for solid-state batteries

In China, car manufacturer Changan and lithium and battery producer Ganfeng Lithium are joining forces to develop solid-state batteries. Against this backdrop, the two sides intend to establish a joint venture, among other things.

Image: Ganfeng Lithium

The two Chinese companies Changan and Ganfeng want to establish a long-term strategic partnership in the battery sector. Changan recently announced this in a stock exchange release. Among other things, the companies are planning to become equal joint venture partners in order to “accelerate the research, development and production of solid-state batteries”, according to the statement.

Ganfeng CEO Li Liangbin is also quoted as saying that the aim is to build an internationally competitive research, development and production base for solid-state batteries in order to promote faster industrialisation of solid-state battery technology. In addition, Changan and Ganfeng will also explore cooperation in areas such as lithium mining, lithium processing, battery materials and used battery recycling.

The partnership is part of the ‘Shangri-La’ programme launched by Changan in 2017, under which the car manufacturer has now established a broad presence in the new energy vehicle market with its e-car brands Deepal, Avatr and Qiyuan. Changan hopes that the cooperation now initiated with Ganfeng will “accelerate its transformation into a leading company for intelligent, low-carbon mobility technology”.

Zhu Huarong, CEO of Changan Automobile, commented on the agreement signed with Ganfeng as follows: “Leveraging our respective strengths, we aim to expedite the industrialization of (semi-) solid-state battery technology, offering users a safer and more comfortable experience with new energy products. Simultaneously, we seek to explore in-depth collaboration across the battery industry chain, establishing a robust strategic partnership to enhance the security and resilience of the industry chain, collectively driving high-quality industry development.”

According to the CN EV Post portal, subsidiary Changan New Energy began developing its own battery cells back in 2022. The first prototype of a 4C battery cell then rolled off the production line at Deepal in November 2023. CATL Changan, a joint venture between Deepal, Changan and CATL, also produced its first battery cell a few weeks ago. At the same time, Changan announced at the Guangzhou motor show that it intends to launch eight models of battery cells developed in-house by 2030, including liquid, semi-solid and solid technologies – in conjunction with an annual production capacity of 150 GWh.

According to Changan, it employs more than 1,200 people in battery research and development and aims to grow this number to 3,000 by 2024.


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