StoreDot wants to install fast-charging cells directly in battery packs

The Israeli battery developer StoreDot is presenting its cell-to-pack battery concept using its XFC cells. The company describes a cooling system integrated directly into the cells as a unique feature.

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According to StoreDot, the I-BEAM XFC battery system takes “extreme fast charging (XFC) capability from the cell to the vehicle level.” Its so-called XFC cells are characterised by their extremely fast-charging capability – in May 2022, StoreDot demonstrated a charging process to 86 per cent in ten minutes, and a few months later, it reported proof of durability of 1,000 fast-charging cycles for production-ready cells. In the case of XFC, these were pouch cells, but the company has also announced 4680 cylindrical cells.

In the new cell-to-pack approach, the corresponding XFC electrodes are assembled into so-called I-BEAM XFC cells, which can be installed directly into the battery pack, according to StoreDot. In contrast to conventional systems, the cells will be equipped with embedded cooling technology, “providing enhanced thermal management.”

StoreDot states that it has already secured several patents in connection with the new battery concept. “As the pioneer of XFC battery technology, we are committed to enable extreme fast charge capability, from cell-level, to pack, to vehicle. We continue to drive innovations that will accelerate the EV revolution. With I-BEAM XFC, we have reimagined the architecture of the battery pack to truly unlock the potential of XFC in real-world vehicles” says StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf. By taking a holistic approach, the company has developed a concept that improves pack efficiency and battery life and enables EV owners to charge as quickly as they would fill up with petrol.

For 2024, StoreDot has already announced the demonstration of the first electric vehicle equipped with XFC technology, the delivery of prismatic B-samples to OEMs, and the expansion of business activities in the US. The company’s partners include Mercedes, VinFastVolvo CarsPolestar and Ola Electric.

In January 2023, the Israelis announced that their battery cells were being tested under real-life conditions by 15 car brands from Europe, Asia and the USA. As reported, StoreDot will also manufacture the cells on these three continents in existing and future battery factories of automotive partners. StoreDot itself is not planning its own production facilities. This approach guarantees customers “just-in-time delivery at their own locations.”


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