Norway likely to miss electrification target for 2025

Norway is well on the way to achieving its target of 100 per cent new electric vehicle registrations by 2025. The situation is different for vans, for which 2025 has also been announced as the target year for phasing out combustion engines in new vehicles.

Image: Volkswagen

Less than 29 per cent of light commercial vehicles sold in Norway last year were electric – as reported, the figure for passenger cars was 82 per cent. Norsk elbilforening, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, sees “no chance” of achieving the 2025 decarbonisation target for vans and is making a new proposal: the end of new registrations for new vans with combustion engines should be postponed to 2027.

But it wouldn’t be an eMobility advocacy organisation if this softened target wasn’t linked to a new demand: the end of combustion engines in 2027 should then apply to all new commercial vehicles – light and heavy. For heavy commercial vehicles, Norwegian politicians are currently planning this step for 2030.

According to Elbil’s figures, around half a million vans are registered in Norway. This corresponds to around 15 per cent of the entire vehicle fleet, but vans are responsible for up to 27 per cent of CO2 emissions. (in Norwegian)


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