Symbio is declared official supplier for Extreme H off-road racing series

The fuel cell joint venture Symbio from Forvia, Michelin and Stellantis will be the official supplier of the Extreme H off-road racing series.

Image: Extreme E

The Extreme E battery-electric off-road racing series plans to launch its offshoot with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles Extreme H in 2025, where Symbio will provide fuel cell systems with 75 kW power to replace the battery as the main energy source. Symbio opened its first gigafactory at the end of 2023.

Under the supply agreement, Symbio will provide a 75kW hydrogen fuel cell to serve as the principal energy source. Clean, green hydrogen sources are to be used to power the fuel cells. The Extreme-E press release also points out that the technology is already being used behind the scenes in Extreme E, where it provides the energy source for the vehicle’s batteries.

“We are delighted to announce Symbio as our Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell Provider ahead of our first season as Extreme H in 2025. This is an exciting transition for the championship, which has pioneered sustainable technology solutions since its inception,” said Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E. Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, added: “We are delighted that Extreme E, a pioneer in sustainable racing, trusts Symbio as its Official Fuel Cell Provider for its upcoming, groundbreaking hydrogen series. This partnership is testimony to our technological lead. Furthermore, at Symbio we believe motorsport offers a unique laboratory in extreme and real-life conditions that enables us to test and adapt our technology to the most intense and demanding uses.”

Plans for a hydrogen racing series were first announced in February 2022, and the project name Extreme H was already mentioned at that time. The Extreme H cars will use the same drivetrain and chassis as those in the Extreme E, but instead of a battery, they will use a hydrogen fuel cell as their main energy source – according to the 2022 plan. Visually, the Odyssey 21-type unit cars are planned to be indistinguishable from one another.

Symbio is still quite new to the e-mobility scene, as the joint venture only started production of fuel cells in France in December 2023. However, the late start is not likely going to be a disadvantage due to its prominent backing. The joint venture was initiated in 2019 with Michelin and Faurecia’s backing, with a US subsidiary established in 2021. In the summer of 2023, Stellantis also joined as a backer.

While viewers will have to wait another year for the launch of the Extreme H, this years’ Extreme E season will kick off this weekend in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Extreme E held its first race in early 2021.,


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