Logistics company DFDS nearly doubles Volvo electric truck fleet

DFDS, with headquarters in Copenhagen, has ordered another 100 electric trucks from Volvo. Once the order is fulfilled, DFDS will nearly double its Volvo e-truck fleet and run 225 trucks in European logistic operations.

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The first order of 100 Volvo FM Electric from 2021 was the largest e-truck order for the Volvo Group at the time. Shortly before Christmas 2021, DFDS reordered another 25 units, increasing the expected fleet to 125 vehicles. 95 have already been delivered and are in operation in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands – the remaining 30 will be delivered this year.

But this is not the end. As one of Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics companies, DFDS ordered 100 vehicles from its Swedish neighbour. These are revised and more energy-efficient FH Electric and FM Electric models.

Both series belong to Volvo Trucks’ heavy-duty range. The Volvo FH Electric was developed to transport large loads quickly and comfortably. At the same time, the FM Electric has similar tasks but is more suitable for urban environments. Both share the same modular drive system: depending on the use case, the batteries can hold between 180 and 540 kWh for a range of up to 300 kilometres at peak. Charging occurs with up to 43 kW AC (9.5 h) or 250 kW DC (2.5 h).

DFDS will deploy the new electric trucks in nine European markets, including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden (where DFDS already uses Volvo electric trucks) and new markets such as the UK and Ireland. Some of the vehicles in Sweden will also transport goods to and from the Volvo Trucks plant in Gothenburg.

DFDS currently has the largest fleet of heavy-duty electric trucks in Europe and is well on the way to electrify at least 25 per cent of its truck fleet by 2030. With the 95 electric trucks already in use, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 1,516 tonnes by the end of 2023.

“I am very proud to continue our close partnership with DFDS,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “This order for an additional 100 Volvo electric trucks is proof of their trust in our company. The big increase of DFDS’ electric truck fleet shows that zero-emissions transport is a viable solution here and now.”

“We want to drive the transition to more sustainable road transport. Our expanding fleet of electric trucks will not only contribute to reducing the climate impact of our operations. It will also enable DFDS to support more companies that are looking to decarbonise their supply chains,” says Niklas Anderson, Executive Vice President of the Logistics Division at DFDS. “The 100 new electric trucks underline our commitment to pushing the development forward.”

Volvo Trucks has sold electric trucks to customers in 45 countries on six continents since 2019. The company’s line-up includes eight electric models.



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