CATL and Yutong present long-life commercial vehicle battery pack

Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer Yutong and its battery partner CATL have presented a battery pack that offers a service life of up to 15 years or 1.5 million kilometres. The battery is also said to maintain capacity within the first 1,000 cycles.

Image: Yutong

The new battery will be used in future electric buses from Yutong Bus and trucks from Yutong Heavy Industries – Yutong is one of China’s largest bus manufacturers. It also exports its vehicles to countries such as Qatar, France and England.

In addition to the long-lasting battery, Yutong introduced a power battery with a service life of ten years and one million kilometres at the event, as reported by the CN EV Post. It is not clear from the report how the performance of this power battery differs from that of a long-life battery. It is also not clear which cell chemistry CATL will use in the batteries for Yutong.

The bus manufacturer will continue to rely on batteries from the Chinese market leader for some time. In 2022, Yutong and CATL extended their battery partnership for ten years until 2032. The cooperation has been in place since 2012.

CATL is not only striving for a longer battery life in the commercial vehicle sector. It recently partnered with EV manufacturer Nio to develop longer-lasting batteries for battery replacement requirements to ensure that they still offer 85 per cent of their original capacity after 15 years.

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