Vitesco to supply fuel cell drive for Honda’s CR-V e:FCEV

Vitesco Technologies will supply its EMR3 axle drive another Honda model. The new order includes the use of the electric drive system in the new CR-V e:FCEV, which will be available in California and Japan later this year.

Image: Honda

According to the German supplier, it is the first time that a drive system from Vitesco has been integrated into an electric car with a hydrogen fuel cell. The integrated axle drive will be used in the fuel cell vehicle without any significant modifications. In addition to the EMR3, Honda will also use a special bypass valve from Vitesco in the CR-V e:FCEV, which controls the airflow to and from the fuel cell stack.

Although this will be the first use of the EMR3 (a third-generation Electronics Motor Reducer) in a fuel cell vehicle, it will not be in a Honda. As reported, this very drive is also used in the e:Ny1, Honda’s current electric SUV. There, however, Honda relies on the 150 kW version of the EMR3; in the fuel cell SUV, it is said to deliver 128 kW and 310 Nm of torque. The 100 kW version of the EMR3 is also widely used and was used for a long time in numerous Stellantis models, for example.

According to Vitesco, the EMR3 version for the CR-V e:FCEV was developed jointly by experts in Europe, China and Japan. With a full hydrogen tank, the vehicle is expected to have a range of over 600 kilometres, plus a further 60 kilometres of electric range from the 17.7 kWh battery. Production of the EMR3 has already started at the factory at the Vitesco Technologies site in Tianjin (China).

However, the EMR3 is not the latest electric drive from Vitesco; the supplier presented the EMR4 in 2021, which covers the power range from 80 to 230 kW. Depending on customer requirements, the EMR4 is available as a permanently excited or separately excited synchronous motor – either with permanent magnets containing rare earths or without. The EMR3, on the other hand, is always a PSM with a permanent magnet.

“Hydrogen fuel cell systems offer an attractive option for stress-free, long-distance sustainable mobility,” says Gunter Mühlberg, Head of Product Management High-Voltage Drives at Vitesco Technologies. “Our axle drive systems work smoothly and without noteworthy changes in an electric car with fuel cell system. This is another future proof for our successful drive technology.”


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