19.06.2015 - 08:07

Low speed chase.

A police officer in the States stopped a granny on a mobility scooter – he called it a, “eh, little cart” – as she was cruising in the middle of the road. When discovering that she was lost, he insisted on escorting her home and ended up driving 70 minutes behind her at the speed of 6 mph. Wind down and take your time this weekend!

08.01.2015 - 09:23

Folding with grace.

The designers of the Inu electric scooter say they were inspired by ballerinas. The Inu smoothly folds and unfolds at the push of a button on a smartphone app in just five seconds. Prices range from 2,999 euros (3,580 dollars) to 4,999 euros (6,000 dollars) depending on battery size.

24.10.2014 - 08:10

Mass transportation.

After the stretched Hummer and the stretched Prius, here comes the stretched scooter. It was made by Chinese Lanbei and seats no less than 11 people and is all-electric, of course! Why they build this XXXXXL vehicle and show it all around the country? It could be solution for mass transportation – as long as the destination is just straight ahead.

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24.10.2014 08:10