Gogoro, DJC & Yadea create battery swap China brand


The Taiwanese e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro is now in the process of bringing its battery exchange network to China and has created its own brand called Huan Huan with moped scooter manufacturers Yadea and DCJ.

The battery swap system brand will be launched before the end of the year with 80 battery swap stations in Hangzhou before other Chinese cities are to follow in 2022.

Gogoro is contributing its battery swap system to the new brand, while Yadea and DCJ are releasing electric two-wheelers that are compatible with the system. This plan had already been announced in May this year, when the Chinese manufacturing duo has also reportedly invested in a new company that will be responsible for providing and managing the Gogoro battery swap infrastructure in China.

The battery swap system is for sharing vehicles as well as for private vehicles will be usable for other scooter manufacturers, such as, of course, Yadea and DCJ. The companies can either integrate the batteries into their existing drive system or purchase the entire e-drive from Gogoro and install it in their vehicles. Gogoro aims to make it easier for scooter manufacturers to transition off combustion engines.

Horace Luke, Gogoro founder and CEO said: “Today’s launch in China, the world’s largest two-wheel market with more than 300 million riders, is a key milestone for all cities. By working with Yadea, the world’s leading electric two-wheel maker, and DCJ, China’s largest gas two-wheel maker, we are making safe and convenient electric mobility accessible to people in Hangzhou China today and in the future to hundreds of millions of urban riders in China and around the world.”

In parallel with the launch of the Huan Huan brand in China, Yadea unveiled two new Gogoro-powered vehicles using the Gogoro battery swap platform in Hangzhou. Over here in Europe, the electric moped brand Yadea supplies electric moped-scooters to German sharing provider Emmy. Emmy, for its part, was recently acquired by GoTo Global.

In China, DCJ has just unveiled its first electric scooter as a prototype that will, of course, carry batteries from the Gogoro battery exchange system. The DCJ electric scooter is expected to be available in 2022, but the companies have yet to provide further details on the scooters.

In a fairly spectacular dual move in the world’s largest 2 wheeler markets, Gogoro is also eyeing India for its battery exchange system: in spring this year, the Taiwanese company signed a similar agreement with Hero Moto in India. Hero is one of India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers. Together, “powered by Gogoro” exchange stations are to be set up and corresponding Hero models are to be launched on the market. Gogoro has not yet revealed the targeted figures for the company’s plans in India.

In Germany, the Gogoro e-scooters were introduced with Bosch’s co-production with the Gogoro 2 for their own e-scooter sharing company Coup, which has since been discontinued. The 5,000 Gogoro scooters were bought up by Tier Mobility.

Gogoro’s expansion into these two enormous markets will get a financing boost through the stock market public listing of the rapidly expanding micromobility company. Gogoro and Poema Global Holdings, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, announced the definitive agreement just last month saying that proceeds should propel expansion in India, China and Southeast Asia.

Apart from the expansion of Gogoro battery swapping systems in China and India, the Taiwanese micromobility and battery swapping specialist recently announced that it was teaming up with the electronics giant and contract manufacturer Foxconn. Young Liu, Chairman of Foxconn, added the partnership was to enable “mass distribution of Gogoro’s smart battery swapping ecosystem and vehicles.” Foxconn and Gogoro will also begin collaborating on R&D projects, including smart batteries, vehicle engineering and manufacturing.


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