SAIC-VW’s ID.4 celebrates Chinese market debut

The VW ID.4 X has made its official market debut in China. The electric car produced by VW with its partner SAIC is now available in China in six variants at prices ranging from 199,900 to 272,900 yuan (equivalent to around €25,900 to €35,300) after subsidies.

VW is manufacturing the ID.4 in China with its partners SAIC and FAW under different names: The now launched ID.4 X is the version of the electric SUV developed for SAIC-VW, the ID.4 Crozz is the FAW-VW counterpart. The latter model is not yet on the market. While the latter will be identical to the European version presented in September, the ID.4 X from SAIC-VW, which is now available, has some peculiarities. Among other things, it differs in its headlights, taillights and bumpers. We already covered this in more detail in a report on the presentation of the China versions in November.

Even before the current announcement, it was known that both ID.4 versions would be offered in China at prices starting at around 199,900 yuan after subsidies. In January, it was said that the electric SUVs would be offered in five trim levels. Gasgoo now writes of six variants with regard to the ID.4 X, but does not provide further details.

Meanwhile, the converted prices are difficult to compare with European prices, as subsidies and equipment differ. The cheapest versions, which sell for less than 200,000 yuan, only have an NEDC range of 400 kilometres. The 58 kWh battery is installed here, while the ID.4 can currently be ordered in Europe either with the large 77 kWh battery at prices starting at 44,450 euros before subsidies, or with a 52 kWh battery. In this case, the native German price is 36,950 euros before subsidies.

The two Chinese versions of the ID.4 have been produced in Anting by SAIC-VW since October and in Foshan by FAW-VW since the beginning of December. According to Volkswagen, the two plants together have a maximum total capacity of 600,000 units per year. The ID.4 X/Crozz is the first vehicle to be built on the MEB platform at both production sites. While Anting is a newly built, purely electric car plant where only MEB vehicles are produced, Volkswagen is taking a different line in Foshan: in future, both conventional models with combustion engines based on the MQB platform and purely electric MEB models will be built there on a joint production line.

The two production facilities play a key role in the Group’s plan to increase the share of electric vehicles in Volkswagen’s total sales to 35 per cent by 2025. In absolute figures, there is talk of 1.5 million electric cars by 2025, with one-third projected to be covered by the ID.4. By 2023, the German carmaker plans to offer eight models of the ID. family in China.


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17.02.2022 um 14:13
Great to know about the ID.4 X & Crozz manufacturing location. Thank you for sharing.
ahmed al quraan
21.03.2022 um 20:54
i have i’d 4 2021 the chinese version, i am wondering how we can make the first service or programming ??
02.11.2022 um 17:45
Hello , appreciating if you can send me official resellers for ID4 in China

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