Hexagon Purus to supply H2 fuel cell trucks to the US

The Norwegian hydrogen storage specialist Hexagon Purus has been contracted by two major truck manufacturers in North America to deliver complete vehicle integration of two hydrogen-powered class 8 trucks. Hexagon Purus will assemble the trucks with zero-emission systems and deliver the complete trucks.

For the assembly of the trucks, Hexagon Purus will integrate an electric drivetrain, a fuel cell module as well as the Hexagon Purus ProCab hydrogen storage system and Hexagon Purus ProPack high energy density Li-ion battery packs. Hexagon Purus not only provide these systems for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles but also for buses, ground storage, distribution, maritime, rail and aerospace applications.

In announcing the deal, Hexagon only gave minimal information but did include the total sales value of the deal which they said was $2.2 million (which is approx. 1.95 million euros or 20 million Norwegian kroner). Todd Sloan, EVP Systems, Hexagon Purus only made general comments about the increasing role of hydrogen in trucking and that: “We are pleased to be selected by major OEMs once again – and to be trusted with complete vehicle integration.”

Hexagon was equally tight-lipped about a larger contract for fuel cell buses last month but did reveal that it would be using storage systems that include the Hexagon Purus lightweight Type 4 cylinder. Earlier this year, the Norwegian company took over Wystrach, a German supplier specialising in high-pressure systems and hydrogen technology. Both sides have long-standing cooperation; among other things, Hexagon Purus has been supplying Wystrach with pressure vessels for various applications since 2008. After the takeover, Wystrach and its plant in Weeze will become the main location for the assembly of hydrogen systems, while Hexagon Purus’ container production will remain at the Kassel site in Germany.

More information can be gleaned from recent reports this year. At the beginning of this month, Meritor revealed its 14Xe ePowertrain and announced that it will supply these to Hexagon Purus for a “near-term development program with the intention of taking the program to production”. Here,  it was said that Meritor’s ePowertrain will be used to power two different hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle applications in North America, including a Class 8 drayage truck and yard hauler, which sounds remarkably like at least part of this most recent order.

At any rate, the assembly will be moving fast: the trucks for this most recent order from two US “major truck manufacturers” will be delivered starting Q2 2022.



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