Hyzon & John G Russell Transport team up on H2 trucks

Image: Hyzon Motors

In the UK, hydrogen fuel-cell truck manufacturer Hyzon Motors has announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with British logistics group John G Russell Transport. The two companies aim to facilitate the deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles in the UK.

The MoU stipulates that Hyzon and Russell will work together to provide vehicle sales, leasing, and service support for fleet owners and operators transitioning off fossil fuels in the UK.

The two companies will focus on medium and heavy trucks, collaborating on developing product and distribution “pathways aligned with UK demand”. This year, the two companies plan to deploy trials for a 44-tonne, 6×2 tractor that Hyzon is currently developing to UK market specifications.

Craig Knight, Hyzon CEO and Co-Founder, says: “Russell’s strong relationships and market insight throughout the logistics industry are invaluable as we seek to transition commercial trucking to Hyzon vehicles in the coming years. By collaborating on the ecosystem surrounding the vehicles, we make it easy for fleet owners to decarbonise their operations.”

As is most often the case with Hyzon’s wholistic approach to vehicles and hydrogen production, the rapidly growing hydrogen fuel cell truck manfuacturer plans to support hydrogen production and dispensing in the UK with existing and new partners who will furnish the technology and operate the facilities. This is based on the company’s focus on hydrogen produced from renewable resources, prioritising hydrogen produced close to customer demand. Hyzon has a number of projects in which the company collaborates on fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure, such as in Utrecht in the Netherlands or in California, USA.

Stephen Madden, Russell Group Fleet Engineer, says: “We believe our knowledge of the UK transport infrastructure and commercial relationships will expedite the movement to hydrogen fuel cell technology. With our strategic locations, we anticipate we will be able to accelerate sales, service and parts across the UK and look forward to promoting the Hyzon product.”

To facilitate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell trucks and reduce the initial capital outlay for companies transitioning their vehicles, Hyzon and Russell are also currently evaluating leasing and financing opportunities for their customers.



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