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Allison Transmission presents axle drive at the IAA

U.S. supplier Allison Transmission has unveiled another electric axle model, the eGen Power 130S, at the IAA Transportation show. With the new single-engine model, the U.S. company is setting its sights on the markets in Europe and Asia.

With the eGen Power 130S, the Allison offering now includes four electric axle drive models for different customer needs. The new single-motor electric axle 130S, with a continuous output of 225 kW and a peak output of 325 kW, was developed specifically for the higher permissible gross axle weight of 13 tons required by commercial vehicles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Allison is still relatively new to the electric axle drive business, having previously produced automatic transmissions for internal combustion engines or hybrid drive solutions. Production of electric axle drives started in November 2021 with three models. These include the eGen Power 100D for heavy-duty 6×2 vehicles and the eGen Power 130D, which are intended for use in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the plant produces the eGen Power 100S model, which is intended for heavy-duty 6×4 tractors and for heavy tandem-axle vehicles, as well as for medium-duty trucks and school buses.

The eGen 130D is used, for example, in Quantron’s QHM FCEV fuel cell truck, which the Augsburg-based company also unveiled at the IAA in Hanover.

As special features, the company cites the 130S’ new suspension systems, V-Rod mounts, banjo housings, brakes, wheel ends and axle journals, all of which were designed for the total axle weight of 13 tons. A two-speed transmission parallel to the axle is said to allow up to 26,000 Nm of wheel torque while meeting the contrasting demands of starting and starting and cruising on the highway. Like all eGen units, the new 130S can be easily integrated into existing vehicle chassis.

“The introduction of the eGen Power 130S is representative of Allison’s global approach to electric vehicle propulsion. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to electrification and a variety of products will be needed to address the wide range of markets Allison serves,” said Heidi Schutte, Allison Transmission vice president EMEA, APAC & South America Sales. “We are pleased to expand our eGen Power family of e-Axles once again in order to deliver an additional electric propulsion solution for European and Asia Pacific markets.”

At the IAA Transportation, Volvo Trucks and the Cummins subsidiary Meritor also unveiled electric axle drives for commercial electric vehicles.


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