Stellantis launches Free2Move Charge in Europe and North America

Stellantis is introducing a new charging and energy management ecosystem called Free2move Charge. It is part of Stellantis’ new business unit, Charging & Energy, and seeks to address the requirements of EV owners at home, at work, and on the go.

Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior Vice President, Charging & Energy, said the new dedicated unit would act as a “natural extension” of the Group’s brands. Stellantis, a merger of PSA and FCA, further considers Free2move Charge the first product rolled out under the new division; however, Free2Move was a mobility service first launched under PSA, which later merged into the Atlante joint venture for charging infrastructure.

Now called Free2Move Charge, the new service comprises three pillars: Home, Business, and Go. The Home suite delivers private customers support with installation, financing, and warranty of home charging and other energy hardware and services, so Stellantis. Options can range from AC charging devices today to Vehicle-2-Home and Vehicle-2-Grid in future. The Business service is suited for fleets and includes assessing infrastructure planning, installation, and management. Lastly, for those on the Go, Free2Move Charge will manage access to public charging points through partners in North America, Europe, and other regions “to be announced soon”. Stellantis also mentions loyalty programs, subscriptions, and prepaid packages.

This last service is likely also where earlier advances via Atlante will be tied in. Unveiled in late 2021, the Atlante project was to build DC chargers in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Stellantis already planned a European charging network, which by 2025 will include more than 15,000 sites.

For Free2Move Charge, initial products and services will be launched in North America, followed by Europe, the Group announced today.

While the new business will manage all charging and energy needs of drivers and clients, Free2Move eSolutions remains its own unit. Stellantis, in today’s announcement, said the tech company would continue to develop and provide charging hardware and software that supports the Free2move Charge ecosystem.

The latter also integrates with Stellantis’ Energy Cloud platform for route planning and charging recommendations based on individual usage patterns. The system will be integrated with vehicle-branded mobile apps and the STLA platform, set to launch in 2024.

Stellantis is on course with the Dare Forward 2030 strategy aims to achieve a 100% BEV sales mix in Europe for passenger cars and a 50% electric share for passenger cars and light-duty trucks in the United States by 2030.


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